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Due to the fact that we sell items that fulfill life needs AND due to the nature of storing preparedness items in deep dark corners...we put the FUN in no refunds.

All sale items, open house purchases, and giveaway winnings are final. Any purchases made during a sale of any sort cannot be returned or exchanged.

Instead, we offer two weeks for you to check out your gear and let us fix anything that needs fixing.  We test each kitchen and fine tooth comb the materials and do our absolute best to find the best quality just for you.

However, 100% perfection 100% of the time...ya know the odds.  

Check out your purchase and let us know.

We plan back-ups for our back-ups and suggest you do also.  We sell back-up pumps and filters just in case everything isn't always 100% perfection forever.

This policy is firm and we will make no exceptions.

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