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Your happiness with our products and testimonials send us Over the Moon!  

We thank you from our overflowing hearts!

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Thank You Forever!

I own one of the XL Outfitter Kitchens.  Wish we'd seen this before we bought the deluxe kitchen from Cabela's which had less and is much heavier.  The sink is wonderful and the storage and set up is well designed.  These folks knew just what I needed.  We love our kitchen and especially since it comes with a filter and easy water storage and pumping system which I never dreamed of.  Totally awesome.  It folds up easily and much lighter than the other one we have.  

R.M. , Owner of Outfitter Kitchen XL

"We just purchased this (Outfitter Kitchen XL) and love it!!!  It is a good deal as well.  Prior to buying this we purchased just a water filtration sink from another company and paid just about the same price.  I would highly recommend this to anyone for camping, emergencies, preparedness, etc.  It is awesome!  Especially when compared to other companies' products and prices."

Lasha, Ecstatic Owner

"My husband and I just purchased and received the Outfitter Camp Kitchen XL. This unit is remarkably well made and extremely impressive in it's detail and design! We just could not be more happy with our purchase! We recommend it wholeheartedly!!"

P. Anderson, Proud Owner

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