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Outfitter Kitchen Slimline
Outfitter Kitchen Slimline Side View
Slimline Set Up for Camping
Slimline Sinks-They're DEEP!
Slimline Ready for Travel
Camping Slimline Style

Outfitter Slimline Kitchen

The Outfitter Slimline Kitchen is the BEST way to be prepared.  Water is necessary to Cook, Clean, and Survive in every situation.  

Your best option Weighs less than 30lbs., Sets up in 5 minutes,

 Filters 100,000 gallons of water, & can be used just like

the one you're using today.

$499 including tax.  Delivery $.45 mile roundtrip.

Select the "Order Now" button below to contact us by e-mail and

customize your order!  We accept Cash and Credit Cards.

Outfitter Kitchen

SL and XL Side by Side

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