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Why should I Prepare?  What should I Prepare for?  I've prepared to Survive, but now I want to Thrive, what's next?

These questions and more we can answer with: Reading materials, Videos, One on One Personalized Assistance, Teaching Classes in your area and more.  Much more!


It would be easiest if we could live off nothing.  However, we missed the bus to the Garden of Eden.


Here's the best bang we could invent for your buck!  Needs AND wants!  Did you want to just Survive, or Thrive?


We've used Engineering and Artistry to create the best products we couldn't find on the market.  However, you probably aren't looking to just take our word on it.


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Why Preparedness?  Our basement flooded and it was an inconvenience, not a devastation.  We went to a team building event and scored the highest marks ever on "Working Well Under Stress and Pressure."  But why?  A bit of introspection and we realized we've been through 9 natural disasters and 33 moves.  

Why did we have those experiences?  

As we lived through and learned about the calamities around us, in all forms, we chose to prepare to be able to Survive and then work on to the next level of being to Thrive in any given situation.  

We want to share those levels of preparedness with you at a cost that makes our competitors balk

...not the good kind of balking.

The best Preparedness comes in three forms: Spiritual, Mental, and Physical.  

We want to help you find peace and resourcefulness in your every day lives and emergencies.  We do this by teaching classes to groups or one on one.  We help you find what you need at the price you want.  

We also build and offer essential needs that are tried and true...truly magnificent!

Welcome to your next level.

Prepper's Landing

Cedar Hills, UT 84062



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